Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire, England UK

I lived in Winchester located in the county of Hampshire, England for a while. So I thought I would write a blog post about the magnificent cathedral. I lived in two locations in central Winchester, and the cathedral was almost a daily part of my life.

Winchester Cathedral

Vast is an understatement, especially when you remember it was founded in 642, but it was built over centuries, with different styles you can easily notice, which all combine into a historic location not to be missed.

Jane Austen Winchester Cathedral

Royalty were crowned in this grand structure and many famous people over other centuries are buried there as well.

I’ve walked across the archway in the ceiling, climbed the stairs to the tower, and stood on top gazing across the small city of Winchester. The area, and Winchester cathedral both inside and out, are a wonderful historic location – a real English gem.

Winchester Cathedral archway

For a while I also worked within the city, and every day I strolled to work along ancient roads, footpaths and often through the cathedral grounds. At lunch I often sat on one of the benches around the side, else within the small monks garden nearby. I was at my happiest when accompanied by my wonderful girlfriend, chatting about our day, taking in the wonderful location and often accompanied by food from a local bakery a short walk away.


Inside the magnificent cathedral, you are not disappointed, even if you don’t have a head for heights to venture up as part of a tour, as I did. I’ve also been on the crypt tour, but even if you just want to stroll around, there is much to see.

Samuel Wilberforce

On occasion I was lucky to hear the choir and organ practising, which is truly mesmerising.

Inside Winchester Cathedral

Winchester was once the capital of England and that is apparent, not just because of the cathedral, but also the other historic locations nearby, which I will no doubt blog about in the future.

another photo of inside Winchester Cathedral

The city is easily accessible via train, and there is a ‘park and ride’ car park on the outskirts, as well as a few central car parks.

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