The Weekend (Freshwater & Isle of Wight Lavender farm)

My parents visited us for the weekend and we had a lovely time travelling to various places on the Isle of Wight and spending time together.

Freshwater BayOn Saturday we visited Freshwater and walked part of the Tennyson trail.

Freshwater Bull and CowsThere are two ways to walk from Freshwater Bay onto the trail, and we chose the route through the field fulls of cows and at least one bull!

Freshwater CowsWe had made a packed lunch and ate it halfway up a hill.

Isle of Wight Tennyson TrailOn the way back we stopped off at a hotel for some refreshment, whilst it rained and the wind picked up.

Tennyson Monument at FreshwaterWe enjoyed the dramatic view of the waves crashing upon Freshwater beach over cups of tea. That night we ate out at a local Indian restaurant.

Lavender Farm GardenOn Sunday we visited a local Lavender farm, Sandown and St Helens.At the farm, I took a few minutes to enjoy their garden.

Garden at the Lavender FarmAlso whilst visiting the farm I spotted some sheep nearby.

SheepThe area around the farm buildings was very quiet and it was quite relaxing.

TractorWhilst the farm is a small location to visit, we were all happy to have taken the time.

Statue of a WomanWe enjoyed a walk along part of Sandown seafront and then once back in our home town, visited one of our favourite restaurants for dinner.

Sandown BeachIt was great to catch up and spend time together, and lovely to visit and share some of our favourite locations on the island.

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