The Valley Gardens in Surrey

The Valley Gardens are in Surrey near Windsor and we decided to visit the impressive location last weekend.

The Valley GardensI had somehow confused it with Savill Garden, but it is nearby and also part of ‘The Royal Landscape’.

The Valley Gardens Punch BowlThe car parking currently is £6 and that covers entrance fees, which is a great bargain, especially for families or groups.

The Valley Gardens PathIt is a location that people of all ages enjoy and I was last there probably around 25 years ago. I remember running around and exploring the paths.

The Valley Gardens StepsNo running this visit, but was still lovely to take a slow stroll and enjoy the surroundings.

The Valley Gardens SurreySome people spend the whole day, book in hand and enjoying the beautiful setting. Others perhaps taking a post-lunch stroll. We took a packed lunch and spent a few hours there.

Flowering At The Valley GardensOn the way back to the car we brought vanilla ice cream cones with the mandatory chocolate flake.


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