Sunday Walk at Ryde on the Isle of Wight

We decided to take a stroll along the beachfront and also visit the ducks and swans to feed. If visiting the Isle of Wight, and you are fortunate with the weather, a walk at Ryde can be enjoyable and relaxing.

Ryde Beach at the Isle of WightIt snowed for most of our walk, but we enjoyed the snow, fresh air and the walk.

Swan at Ryde Canoe LakeThe swans though were quite overwhelming once the feed made an appearance, so once we had given them the feed we made a hasty retreat.

Swans at Ryde Canoe LakeThe boating / canoe lake at Ryde always has plenty of birds to view, and the swans are my favourite.

Swans on the Isle of WightEven though it was out of season at the popular holiday destination, and given the coldness of the weather, we still enjoyed our stroll.

Footpath at RydeThere are plenty of interesting photo opportunities at Ryde, and not just of the sea.

Lion Statue at RydeI always try and make sure I have a camera with me, as Ryde is ideal for a photowalk.

Lion StatueThere are quite a few a different enjoyable routes we talk when strolling, and therefore different photowalks are possibly at Ryde.

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