Strolling through the fog at Ryde on the Isle of Wight

My back is hurting again, but when I saw the fog at 6am this morning, I knew I needed to head out for an early morning walk.

Ship Figurehead at Ryde SeafrontI decided on a route that took me along the seafront and around the boating lake, before heading back.

FunfairA favourite route that has much of interest along the way including a small fairground, harbour, beach, wildlife and more.

Ryde HarbourThe fog opened up a canvas as I strolled into the scene and softened the edges, with a supporting quietness of sound, apart from an occasional foghorn or active bird.

LifebeltI wasn’t born locally or indeed the three previous places I’ve lived and the last two moves have been guided by passion for surroundings, amongst other factors.

Fog at Ryde SeafrontMy current home was a favourite holiday destination, and the only thing missing from the stroll this morning was my wonderful girlfriend.

View Point at Ryde BeachIt is easy to forget what is on your doorstep, even when living at a beautiful location. Sometimes we can get too caught up in life and issues, neglecting a surrounding that is waiting to help relax, inspire and recharge.

Beach Fog

Even though fog limits a view, it can act as another layer to a photo, provoking questions, memories and giving you a new experience to a location already visited.

Swan at Ryde Canoe LakeIt wasn’t long till I headed back inland after enjoying my seafront walk through the fog.

Swans at RydeI hope the photos convey some of the walk I experienced this morning.

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