Solent shipping movements and webcams

I really should mention some local web sites and related content…

A web site called ‘Solent Area Shipping Movements’ is an amazing site that shows realtime shipping movements in the Solent (UK), plus has other information. It is an excellent example of pulling together complex varied data and presenting it well.

Just from spending a few moments on the site you realise just how busy the Solent really is. You can track many different types of ships such as ferries, cruise liners and the fastcats among others. Operating between Fishbourne, Ryde, Portsmouth, France and other locations.

Another related site is Harbour Eye, which has a couple of Portsmouth webcams, the Spinnaker tower and Harbour. The site even has archive footage.

Update 17th Nov 2015: I’ve removed one link below as the site seems to have disappeared. You click on the remaining external website links at own risk.


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