Ryde to Seaview Photo Walk along the Coast on the Isle of Wight

This morning (Saturday) around 8:30am we decided to go for a stroll on the Isle of Wight. We hadn’t eaten breakfast, but decided to take a few small chocolate bars (healthy I know) and a couple of bottles of water…. around five and a half hours later we returned home. The beauty that is on our doorstep engulfed us, and we actually only turned back because…. wait…. I’ll explain why further down.

Please forgive the darkness of the photos taken during the photo walk. The sun was actually out, but the batteries in the camera were low, which I think is why the photos look so dark. It was very warm and the sun was shining!

The beginning…..

Well not actually the beginning of the walk, but let’s start at Ryde harbour and call it the beginning, which we eat a chocolate bar at, whilst watching the boats, hearing the underground train on route to the pier and watching the hovercraft.

Ryde HarbourThe beach and then wildlife.

After strolling along the seafront, we took time to watch the wildlife.

Ryde BeachA brave women was feeding the swans, ducks and seagulls, which can be overwhelming.

Ryde Canoe LakeThe sand beneath our feet.

Next we walked onto the sand and as the tide was out, we strolled a bit further out, for instance seeing the driftwood and the seashell under water.

Tide out at Ryde beachThe tide was rapidly coming in, so we aired on caution and strolled closer to the front.

Unwater ShellAlong the way we brought two teas, to takeaway from a seafront café that has just reopened for the tourist season.

DriftwoodThe horses in the sea.

We strolled along a seawall, in front of green beach huts, then onto another stretch of beach, where we saw horses and riders enjoying a trot through the sea.

Horses trotting through the seaWe sat on a sea defence wall for a while, enjoying bottled water and remaining food. By this time it had probably been almost couple of hours….. did we turn back? No, we carried on!

The seawall.

Onto another stretch of seawall and then through a lovely village called Seaview, with a boating club.

Seawall pathOld houses and a lovely café, then onto another stretch of seawall…. but alas the path was blocked, as you can only carry on that path when the tide is out!

SeafrontWe could of probably found another route, but decided if we wanted to watch the rugby, we should turn back.

The journey home.

On the way back home we saw beautiful countryside, an old defence fort manned during World War 2, walked along more beach and visited the wildlife again.

CountrysideIt was far hotter than the photos show and the sun was out, there was a lovely breeze, and it felt good to be walking along such a beautiful area.

Fort Victoria on the Isle of WightThere was even more on our walk, but I didn’t want to write an essay.

WildlifeA lovely walk and in the future I will share other walks on the blog.

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