Retford market and Town Best Cafe in Nottinghamshire, East Midlands UK

It was a cold Saturday morning in December and we were hungry! First of all though we needed to visit Retford market, mainly because we wanted to buy flowers for a couple of people, and secondly we wanted to stroll around the market.

Retford market

Retford in the Midlands has a wonderful market square, and as we strolled along the rows of stalls, there were plenty of items, tempting us, luring us, and trying to seduce us into buy them!

Retford market stalls

Okay, I’m going overboard, but books, dvds, fruit, veg, towels, bed sheets, and all sorts of other items, were hard to resist, but we managed to. Well… apart from the mushrooms to accompany a fry-up the following day and the flower stall.


For only £6 we brought six bunches of flowers, which we had wrapped in two bundles, ready to give to others later.

Town Best Cafe in Retford

Then across the road ‘Town Best Cafe’ caught our eye, and as our bellies were sending S.O.S. messages to our minds, we strolled to investigate. A quick nosey at the menu, and we ventured inside.

tea and coffee

The ‘Town Best Cafe’ was busy, but luckily there was a table available, and two orders of mushrooms on toasts, with tea for my better half, and coffee for myself were ordered.

mushrooms on toast

The cafe atmosphere was friendly and everyone was enjoying their breakfasts, either as couples, groups or on their own. Once the breakfast was devoured we strolled through the old town and shortly after onto our next destination.

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