Relaxing on the Isle of Wight

I’m fortunate to currently live on the Isle of Wight, which is a popular UK holiday destination. Last week I spent relaxing at home and visiting lovely local places on the island. Gone are the days when I used to go six months without time off and then only take a day or two extra off. These days I fully realise the importance of a holiday, especially as I have an amazing girlfriend to spend the time with.

With good weather, the Isle of Wight can be a wonderful location to be at for relaxing, fresh air and a variety of activities to do and places to visit.

St Helens at the Isle of WightThe week off was also a time to treat ourselves to delicious but naughty food & drink. Beer, chips, cheddar etc. Now we are back to work, we are back to healthy eating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy our food & drink. Plenty of home cooking and variety will see to that.

Pepperpot Lighthouse on the Isle of WightWhat were the highlights being out and about? Firstly spending all that wonderful time with my girlfriend. Out and about wise it was visiting the amazing Pepperpot Lighthouse and St Helens beach.

Near the Pepperpot Lighthouse on the Isle of WightSt Helens has a good bus connection from Ryde, but the Pepperpot Lighthouse is harder to get to via bus, but does have a small car park nearby. Also if you have trouble walking, you probably should avoid the lighthouse down to the steepness of the walk. If you do venture to the lighthouse, it is an amazing site to see in person, with great views.

It was a very hot week, which I didn’t appreciate. Though we still went to the beach, long walks etc and didn’t let it stop us as you can see. Though we did appreciate a few days to just relax at home and be lazy in a cooler environment. If it had been too hot, we wouldn’t of ventured out.

The rest of July promises to be very busy, but I feel recharged and ready.

Back to Business.

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