Photowalking on the Island (Isle of Wight)

I’m currently living on the Isle of Wight, which is a popular holiday destination. As part of my new year resolutions I decided to walk more and last week I walked ten miles. Lunchtime breaks and a couple of walks with my wonderful girlfriend. It was important that the walks were taken at a leisurely pace, it wasn’t just about the distance, but fresh air, recharging and enjoying the surroundings also, all the better when my girlfriend was with me.

Below I will take you on a brief tour of some of the places I visited last week.

Ryde Pier
The oldest Victorian pier in the UK, acts as a travel hub to the mainland via the fastcats. It is currently undergoing much needed work, so a temporary walkway has been installed. It is always cooler within metres of walking the pier, something you notice during the summer months especially.

Ryde SeafrontRyde PierFastcatRyde Harbour
You can stroll next to and along Ryde Harbour’s sea wall. There are seats and it is quite a nice setting to just sit and enjoy the surroundings. A good place to view the hovercraft leaving, hear the sounds of the boats masts in the harbour and enjoy the sea breeze and views.

Ryde HarbourRyde Amusements
There are some amusements at Ryde and I’ve taken many photos in the past. Today I’m sharing a photo of the skull, part of the mini-golf. Situated along the seafront, it is a fun place for children and adults alike (with dodgems and mini-golf being adult suitable also).

SkullThe Garden
There is a small garden at Vernon Square, and each year during the summer they hold a music event at this small garden. We’ve not been yet, which is our miss opportunity as we’ve been meaning to for a while. Perhaps this year.

Vernon Square Garden RydeIsland Trains
The island used to have many tracks of train lines, but that was reduced decades ago. These day we have two main lines, one connecting from Ryde to Sandown and the other a steam railway line. On the Ryde to Sandown, which is the main line, we have old London Tube trains operating, which are nice to ride in.

Ryde St Johns Train StationRyde Seafront
Ryde has quite a stretch of seafront and leads up to an area of Ryde called Appley, with its famous Appley tower. The seafront is one of my favourite places to take a stroll. People often associate beaches and seafront with summer, that is a shame as they are often wonderful at other times of the year also. A dramatic sea, a quiet beach, horses galloping all often without swarms of tourists as it is out of season.

Appley BeachRyde SeafrontRyde BeachDrawing in the SandSand Drawings


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