Past Revisited: Winchester (Hampshire, United Kingdom)

I thought it was high time for another past revisited blog post. For a few years we lived in central Winchester, which is located in Hampshire in the south of England. Winchester is a city and with cities in the modern day you might imagine it is quite large, the ancient city of Winchester isn’t. When travelling in the south of England, Winchester is definitely a historic location to visit.

Front of Winchester CathedralWinchester was once upon a time a medieval capital and when I think of Winchester, historic comes to mind. In an effort to keep this post short I’m going to miss out a bundle of interesting facts and details. Perhaps in the future I will write a part two, for now I will highlight just a few amazing aspects of Winchester.

Surrounding countryside

Often overlooked, Winchester contains and is surrounded by some lovely locations.You can take a stroll along the water meadows, climb St Catherine’s Hill and more.

The Hospital of St CrossWithin minutes you can be out of the city centre and strolling through relaxing settings.

Statue in Garden at The Bishop's House in WinchesterHistoric sights

Each historic sight deserves its very own blog post and Winchester not only is a great place to visit, but a great place to live and work.

Inside Winchester CathedralThe most famous historic sight is the Cathedral. I’ve taken both the crypt and tower tours, walked across the high cathedral ceiling and stood upon the bell tower and gazed upon the city.

Winchester CathedralOther amazing locations such as the working Water Mill, old Churches, Westgate and the ancient hospital at St Cross all spring to mind.

Winchester Cathedral ArchwaysWinchester’s history was entwined with my daily life. Strolling to work along cobbled paths, down ancient alleys, next to buildings hundreds of years old, I loved walking around Winchester.

Path in WinchesterTaking lunchtime strolls around the city or to the old monks garden at the Cathedral. Eating lunch in front of the Cathedral or along its side, sitting there on a bench in an ancient square watching life going by.

Winchester Water MeadowsA stroll along the river, passed the ruined castle and a pint in the old ‘Wykeham Arms’ pub. Buying secondhand books in a Cathedral archway during summer.

Stain Glass Window at Church of St Swithun Upon Kingsgate in WinchesterThe old cinema and the relaxed walk home through hundreds of years of history. I could go on.

Wall Painting at St John The Baptist Church in WinchesterIt wouldn’t of meant as much if it wasn’t for the company of my wonderful girlfriend. My best memories of Winchester are with her.

The Bishop's House WinchesterThis post has not done Winchester justice, there is more to share. Expect me to publish more blog posts on this historic English city in the future.

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