Past Revisited – The Beach Huts at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight

I’ve written two or three ‘past revisited’ blog posts before, but this time I’ve decided to write a post based on an old photo. What I remember of that day and information about the area. I’ve got thousands of photos to choose from, both old scanned in photos and newer digital. Today I’ve chosen one from 2006 and it is a photo of beach huts.

Shanklin Beach HutsThe location in question is Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, whilst holidaying on the island (before we moved here). I believe we had walked down from the old village at Shanklin along the Shanklin Chine to the beachfront.

The old village has thatched cottages and there is a great place to have a cream tea (scones, jam and tea). The Shanklin Chine itself is basically a small waterfall and stream that cuts through the side of the cliff. The small and thin stream is surrounded by trees, plants and wildlife. You can on occasion spot red squirrels nearby. I should write about the village and the chine in more detail another time.

The beach itself is a wonderful location. We’ve stayed in a hotel there with the view of the beach. One morning opening the balcony door and watching horses & riders gallop down the beach. Situated at the far end are amusements and a mini-golf course.

One of our favourite pubs is also along the seafront and it is called ‘The Steamer Inn’. Their over generous food can be enjoyed all year round and they have great beer. I’ve eaten there both during the summer and other seasons. It is great to sit there either inside or outdoors enjoying the coastal view.

During the summer season there is a road train that can take you to the train station and old village. Plus you can enjoy a coastal walk to Sandown which you can see in the distance of this photo.

Depending on the tide and weather, Shanklin seafront itself is a great place to roll up your trousers / jeans if need be, take your trainers and socks off and slowly walk along the beach for five minutes.

Though any time of year I like sitting in one of the shelters you can’t see in this photo and admiring the view and enjoying the sea air after a good meal at the Steamer Inn.

This is entirely what I thought of when I viewed this 2006 photo.

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