Past Revisited: Farnham in Surrey

It has been a while since I wrote a past revisited blog post, so today I’m writing about Farnham, a historic town in Surrey (near Hampshire). My first visit was when I joined a youth training programme there eighteen years ago, and my first full-time YT job placement was at the Farnham Maltings working in the administration department.

Lower Church Lane in FarnhamEach morning in the admin department I would enjoy filtered coffee and used Microsoft Word 1 for Dos! The team were fantastic, and I especially enjoyed working in the art gallery, interacting with artists and being left in charge of the gallery at times.

St Andrew's Church in FarnhamFarnham is a beautiful historic location and lunchtimes I would often sit in the St Andrew’s Church grounds, else exploring the area’s surrounding history. Sometimes I would just lean up against the railings next to the Maltings, watching the fish swim through the clear stream.

Lower Church Lane in FarnhamPlenty of ghost stories for Farnham, which I remember reading in a library book, then retelling those stories to my friends as we strolled past those locations.

Middle Church Lane in FarnhamIn the Lion & Lamb Shopping Yard I used to visit a book store, but my meagre YT wage meant I could rarely afford to buy a book, but I would explore the aisles, revisit often whilst saving up for a book. I visited an antique shop sometimes, but couldn’t afford most the items, but brought a cheap old wood folding school ruler, which I still use. I also occasionally visited Cobweb books, a great second-hand book shop on the outskirts. Plus a local newsagents near the Maltings sold DC Comics, and I started buying Batman and Superman comics, which kick-started my interest in DC Comics.

Lion and Lamb Yard Shopping Centre in FarnhamEach night I would get the train back to Aldershot, then change for Frimley. I loved the train journeys on the old slam door trains with the comfy seats. Being part of the commute, the silence of the carriages as we all read either books or newspapers. However my time working there was short, as I soon headed off for a computer job placement in Frimley, and it would be a few years until I worked nearby again, then up at Upper Hale.

Lion and Lamb Yard Shopping Centre in FarnhamHowever just because I didn’t work there, didn’t mean I did stop visiting Farnham. I often visited with friends, playing pool or enjoying the beer gardens in the historic William Cobbett or Plough pubs. Sometimes dancing with ladies on a Friday night in the Seven Stars, or visiting other local pubs for a quiet drink with friends.

It was on my eighteenth birthday a few years after I had started drinking in Farnham pubs, that I was first asked for ID in the William Cobbett! On a side note years later in Germany at the Hard Rock Café Berlin I discovered a waitress used to be a barmaid there!

In later years I revisited with my wonderful girlfriend and we enjoyed playing pool at the Plough. It is from one of those day trips back in 2002, that the Farnham photos in this blog post are from. I’ve passed by Farnham since, but not walked around Farnham since 2002. This post isn’t all my memories of Farnham, but I’ve written enough for today. I remember Farnham with fond memories, and it was a grand location to work in or relax. If you are travelling nearby, it is worth stopping to explore, rest and grab a bite to eat.

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