Past Revisited: Analog London

Eight to nine years ago most Friday nights or Sunday afternoons I was in central London. Half the time I was with my wonderful girlfriend.

London EyeSometimes we would travel around on the tube or more often just walk along the streets exploring the area.

Houses of Parliament in LondonWhen you are not in a rush you can enjoy a few hours in a park, eating lunch at a small café, watching street performers at Covent Garden and much more.

Boudica Statue in LondonThe majority of the time I didn’t take a camera, but on a couple of occasions I did. The camera I used was a film (analog) camera, which was a present from my wonderful better half.

221b Baker Street in LondonA while back I scanned the images in and now I’ve quickly edited them and have included some within this blog post.

Chiltern Court in LondonThe photos bring back memories and I remember much of both days. I could write more about the photos and perhaps one day I will, but not today. When visiting London try not to rush the experience and give yourself time to let the experience truly soak in.


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