My Morning Seafront Stroll at Ryde

I was up at 5am this morning and even though my back is still hurting, I was eager to go for a stroll along Ryde Seafront (on the Isle of Wight). So after a breakfast and shower I walked to the seafront. This time I decided to stroll to the seafront area near the pier. Alas I didn’t wear a winter’s coat or take my gloves, so most the time I strolled with hands in pockets, but it was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the stroll.

Ryde SeafrontThe photos I’ve taken have not done it justice. The photos have come out far darker than intended so I won’t bother sharing most, and that was my fault with camera settings. It was quieter than the sound in the video clips as well, as a bit of wind always sounds louder when capturing with the camera.

The sky was clear of clouds and the sea was beautiful. The hovercraft was setting off for the mainland, the old tube train was taking people down the pier, and the ferries were bringing visitors to the island.

Seafront StrollI visited the smaller of the two seafront areas within walking distance this morning, but even though I didn’t stroll upon sand, I enjoyed the crisp sea air and breeze. The scene was stunning and it is important to make time for such moments.

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