Lincoln Castle and Prison in Lincolnshire located in the East Midlands – England UK

We had visited Lincoln before, but never ventured into the Castle, so we decided to spend an afternoon at the Castle, and what a day we picked! Before we entered the Castle, we enjoyed a light lunch in a tea-room just off ‘Castle Square’, and then with energy aplenty, walked to the Castle.

Tea Rooms in Lincoln

Lincoln Castle dates back to the 11th Century, built by William the Conqueror. Apparently before the Castle stood on the site, there had been a Roman fortress.

Lincoln Castle walls

All I know is, once I entered the Castle I was amazed by the space within, and was like a child in a sweet shop, as there was a battle re-enactment to occur later that afternoon, and also there was a temporary medieval camp within the Castle grounds to explore.

Medieval army camp

I hadn’t done my homework before the visit, so was also quite surprised to find a large prison dating back to the late 18th century. It was a chilling experience walking around the prison, seeing the small rooms, walking those cold stones, and then entering a chapel, that felt claustrophobic, rather than a place of worship. We then went outside and walked up the steep steps to the cemetery, where at the doorway past visitors had scratched their names, and I could see 1941 clearly scratched into the stone.

Lincoln Castle Prison

However the biggest shock surely was that the 1215 Magna Carta was on display, and I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to see the document that changed not just a country, but also some would argue, the world!

Afterwards with ice-creams in hand we strolled around the medieval camp, complete with medieval enthusiasts soaking up the role, living the life and giving insight into that period of history. Later we were treated to a battle re-enactment, with loud cannon blasts, archers and sword fighting.

Lincoln battle re-enactment

It wasn’t cheap to enter the Castle, but it was worth every penny, as it represented great value for money. Walking those historic paths, soaking in the medieval atmosphere and devouring the ice-cream, was a grand afternoon, and I wasn’t alone, as everyone around seemed to be enjoying the experience as well.

soldiers in Lincoln Castle

We were fortunate on the day we visited, due to the medieval enthusiasts and battle re-enactment, but regardless I would of visited, but it wouldn’t have been as great a visit without those extra activities. It also isn’t a visit for a rainy day, but if you time you visit just right, you too could also have a great day.

Below is a gallery of photos from my visit:

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