Imperial War Museum in London

In October 2011 I found myself travelling to the Imperial War Museum in London. As we strolled along the streets in the baking heat, we walked past Commander William Bligh’s house, who was commander of the famous ship ‘Bounty’.

Commander Bligh House LondonBefore we ventured into the museum we decided to eat our lunch on a bench outside in the shade. I’ve visited the museum at least once before, the last time nineteen years ago with my father, on a great day out. So as we finished up our lunch and strolled through the doors I was looking forward to my return, this time accompanied by my wonderful girlfriend.

Two backpack security checks later and we entered the main hall, and I could easily identify multiple military vehicles around us. Gazing at the vehicles or on their way through to different sections were people of many different nationalities, and of course a popular London destination for UK school groups.

Imperial War Museum LondonI think in the UK we tend to take places such as the Imperial War Museum for granted. It is not only incredible that we have these museums not only providing this access, but in their own rights they have become historical locations themselves. Plus currently many museums in the UK are free entry, which is truly fantastic.

Naturally there is a strong focus on World War 1 and 2 at the museum, and as I walked around the detailed displays I thought back to family who participated, or lived with the consequences, plus the legacy my parents lived through and my school and adult years studying the periods in history.

I definitely won’t be waiting another nineteen years to venture back, especially as we didn’t see everything this time around. As we strolled outside into the freakish heat of a late September, there was much to discuss and think back upon, but being London, another destination awaited and we headed off to the nearest tube station.

Below is a gallery of photos taken at the Imperial War Museum:

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