Covent Garden in London

Last week my better half and I visited Covent Garden in London. We’ve been there many times before and around nine years ago would be there on many a Sunday afternoon, enjoying performances, a drink or a dessert at Henry’s which depending on your requirement is a bar, café or restaurant, but the one thing it definitely is, is stylish.

Covent-Garden-in-LondonCovent Garden is easily accessible and is a short walk from a few tube stations, though it does have its own. This time around we had brought our own lunch with us, and enjoyed it in the quiet grounds of a church at Covent Garden that brought a welcomed shade.

Afterwards we watched Spikey Will amuse and amaze with a street performance. Over the years we’ve enjoyed good music and other street performances at Covent Garden. Always an enjoyable destination for an hour or so.

A quick tour around the shops, only to be disappointed that one of our old favourites has since departed the square. Back out into the blazing hot heat and instead of using its tube station, we strolled through the London streets to another tube station, window shopping along the way and then onto our next destination.

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