Court Barton – South Huish, Kingsbridge in Devon

Today I’m writing about my 2005 holiday near Hope Cove in Devon. Back in 2005 I had already moved in with my fantastic girlfriend and we had settled in Winchester at that time. My folks, sister and us had decided to have a holiday together that year in Devon.

Round House - Court BartonThe family won an ebay sellers timeshare at the Court Barton complex – South Huish in rural Devon for a week. Spacious accommodation, beautiful views, surrounded by picturesque villages, this was truly self-catering in style.

Early every morning I would sit outside, jumper for added warmth and with a strong mug of coffee, enjoying the view down the valley to the sea, hearing the cows and sheep, breathing the crisp fresh air. One morning I sat there as thick fog rolled back along the valley, revealing an amazing view. The walks to either of the pubs at Hope Cove or Thurlstone for a pint of local ale, were both beautiful and rewarding.

Round House - Court Barton (2)There was a tennis court and swimming pool onsite, perfect for a day at the property. I remember playing tennis with my wonderful girlfriend, with a bunch of crows nearby keeping score. Though I was just at home reading, enjoying the company and taking in the view. We visited surrounding towns and villages such as Salcombe, which was quiet, historic, coastal and you can’t visit without having a cream tea.

There were a few days when it was just my wonderful girlfriend and I. I remember us embarking on a long stroll through heavy rain to visit a corner shop, only to find it closed early that day. Completely soaked, it was a good excuse to visit the nearby pub with the warm fire, sample a pint whilst my wonderful girlfriend enjoyed a hot chocolate.

We all enjoyed spending time together and before we knew it, it was time to go home. On the way home we visited other towns and drove past the ancient Stone Henge near Salisbury. A holiday to remember.

I’ve located a web page with details, and apparently I stayed in the ‘Round House’ at Court Barton. Below is a gallery of photos, not just of Court Burton, but also other places we visited during our holiday in Devon.

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