Coastal walk between Thurlestone and Hope Cove in south Devon, England UK

It was a cold day, but it wasn’t going to stop us enjoying a short stroll between Thurlestone and Hope Cove in south Devon. This lovely location not far from Salcombe in south Devon, England was a perfect location for a relaxed stroll. We were renting accommodation nearby, so it was inevitable that we were going to decide to walk the coastal path.

On another day we strolled directly to Thurlestone via the golf course, but that is perhaps for another blog post. On this walk it was about scarves, woolly hats, winter coats and taking in the picturesque coastal views.

Thurlestone beach

The seafront with Thurlestone rock directly in front is a beautiful location. The rock itself is testament to time, showing you a glimpse into the bigger picture, and yes it is a great photo opportunity!

Thurlestone Rock

As you turn towards Hope Cove, the walk isn’t daunting and if you time it right there is a pub at the end, as a reward. However I am getting ahead of myself! First this is a walk, to take gently, slowly and to chat to companions from time to time, whilst taking it all in.

Hope Cove

If you walk too fast, then the walk will be over before you know it. I never understand why so many walkers want to reach their destinations so fast. I’d rather walk a shorter distance and absorb a smaller chunk of scenery, than cover more ground and perhaps have less appreciation.

Hope Cove beach

Once Hope Cove was reached, a pint was appreciated and crisps was devoured, and then it was time to head back.

Hope Cove to Thurlestone coastal walk

Due to the outstanding beauty the walk back at a gentle pace was enjoyed. A short walk, perhaps suitable for a lazy day. The whole experience left us relaxed and with plenty of energy for the next location.

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