British Museum – London UK

My last visit to the British Museum was to see the Terracotta exhibition back in 2008 with my family. It was the second time I had seen a Chinese Terracotta exhibition in the UK, both were impressive. One day I must visit China to see the Terracotta Army and other Terracotta figures. However don’t just visit the museum to see a temporary exhibit, as there is an amazing amount of historic items on display.

British Museum Greek MausoleumMy earliest memories of the Museum are a school trip as a young boy.

British Museum WomanEven back then I was floored by the history and diversity of items.

British Museum Stone CarvingsBack in 2006 I was again at the British Museum and as always the Museum never disappoints.

British Museum EgyptianThey have an incredible collection, with some of my favourite pieces being Greek, Persian, Roman and of course Egyptian, among many other items.

British Museum FaceIf you ever are in London and have the time to spare, it is well worth a visit.

British Museum SculptureI always seem to run out of time visiting the Museum. The Museum is in Central London, with the nearest tube (underground train station) being Holborn.

British Museum Greek sculptureFor those interested in comics, there is a fantastic comic book shop across the road along Great Russell Street.


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