Breakfast at the Tumblers café in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight UK

We decided to have breakfast at the Tumblers café in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, or as many British would say, a ‘greasy spoon’. I also must mention this isn’t a paid blog post! I wanted to blog about this Shanklin café. I’m not talking about a café part of a franchise that all appear the same, regardless of where you are, but a café with its own individual personality.

Tumblers cafe at Shanklin Isle of Wight

I’ve eaten at this café before, once a busy weekday morning, where builders, plumbers and many others were enjoying a late breakfast, and someone wandered around offering coffee refills. The location was packed that day, but it was relaxing and enjoyable, and hence why we returned.

Inside Tumblers cafe at Shanklin

On this occasion it was a cold Saturday morning in December. We were the first to arrive, and we had already decided we wanted mushrooms on toast. I forgot to mention I wanted black coffee unfortunately, and it arrived with milk. However the coffee was superb and I almost ordered a second mug!

mushrooms on toast

There was nobody wandering around offering a refill this morning. However the service was excellent, the chap at the till and who also brought the cooked breakfasts to the table, was polite and helpful. The food was cooked quickly, and tasted great! Being vegetarians doesn’t stop us from enjoying a ‘greasy spoon’, and we enjoyed our food and drink.

Table at Tumblers cafe

Others had the same idea, and whether on your own, a pair or a group, the café is a great location for a cooked breakfast. Tumblers is situated opposite Shanklin train station, and a bus also stops nearby. So if you are using the bus network or island train line, it is an easy location to reach. Below is a photo of the opening times at the time of posting.

Tumblers Shanklin opening times

In one direction you can stroll to the seafront, and another you can stroll into the main town, and onto Shanklin Old Village, and then the seafront. So we wrapped up again, and re-energised wandered out in the direction of the main town, glad we had visited Tumblers for a great breakfast.

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