A visit to Wisley RHS Gardens in Surrey (England) on a cold spring day

I feared that my private parts might snap off and make a run for warmer climates! The skies were grey, the wind chill penetrating, and I was visiting gardens. Was I mad?

However a welcome sight beckoned and it was the massive greenhouse at Wisley RHS Gardens in Surrey. A few steps into the warmth, and the depressing cold was left behind. Before us was a sight not just of beautiful flowers and foliage, but of people of all ages enjoying the surroundings: Laughter of children. A grandfather guiding his grandson along the pathways. A family pause to take in a sight.

Wisley RHS Gardens greenhouse

My coat was unzipped, the gloves came off and we headed to the orchids. A few minutes looking at these delicate plants, and then it was off to enjoy the rest of the greenhouse. A while later my better half and I sat down, and took it all in. A glance at the roof, showed the massive fans despatching heat below, and sitting back, relaxed, chatting and enjoying the surroundings, it was easy to forget the miserable weather the UK has recently gone through.

More flowers at the Wisley RHS Gardens greenhouse

A while later we wrapped up and braved the cold, but only as far as to nip into the canteen! Seating was found, and shortly ‘Green and Blacks’ hot chocolate was being sipped, medicine for what lay ahead.

All too quickly it was time to depart, and as we strolled along, a trio of robins were spotted nearby, quite tame as one allowed me to stroll near. The robin is the family’s favourite bird, for a reason I won’t share today, but it was a fitting end to our visit.

Wisley RHS Gardens greenhouse flowers

As we strolled towards the exit, a staff member was walking bell chiming in hand, signalling the closing, a smile was shared and onwards to the car.

Wisley RHS Gardens is no-doubt a better experience during warmer weather, with flowers aplenty and lush green lawns to stroll along. Even so, a trip during colder weather to visit the greenhouse was a lovely excursion, and distraction on a miserable day.

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